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Wedding Vow or Song Lyric Custom Plaque

Wedding Vow or Song Lyric Custom Plaque


This extremley unique wall art is something that your loved one, friend or family member will cherish for ever.

It is custom made to order with your wedding vows, song lyrics, poem or just something special you want to say on it.

Did you walk down the aisle or dance to a very special song? Or are your vows something you want to immortalise for ever? Or have you written a peom for someone you care about that you think they would love to hand or sit on a chest to look at for ever?


- 1 x Wall art in the size specified

- 1 x Stand made from 3mm plywood

- No holes or hanging materials included


- Available in 3 different sizes

- Comes in white painted or wood colours

- Made from 3mm plywood


- 300mm x 300mm - 400mm x 400mm - 500mm x 500mm


- You send us the details you want on your wall art and we will send you a proof prior to makeing for your approval

- Names, words, dates etc are all custom details if you would like them included.


- Make sure you enter your phone, email address and details correctly when ordering so that we can send you a proof before making it and also give them to the courier for deliver if postage is applicable.

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