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Wedding Card Box Chest - Treasure Design
  • Wedding Card Box Chest - Treasure Design


    This Wedding Card Box with a slot in the top panels is a wonderful decoration for your wedding day.

    This beautiful wedding card box/Wishing Well is made of 3mm plywood opens up for you to take all your cards out of at the end of your event.

    You could always buy this as a gift to surprise someone for their special day and personalise it on the top side of the box (where is says "wedding")


    - SIZE -

    - 350mm wide

    - 300mm high

    - 210mm deep


    - INCLUDES -

    - Empty box as pictured

    - Made from 3mm plywood

    - If you are picking up this box it comes already assembled for you

    - If postage is required this box comes dis-assembled so that it does not get broken in post, however it does come with insturctions on how to put the box together and the glue needed to ensure it does not come apart.


    - NOTE -

    - Please ensure you provide all your contact details correctly so that we can send your details to the courier if postage is applicable.

    - Please note that if this needs to be posted it is a DIY wedding box; you need to assemble lock sides just, which will take 2-3 minutes only. Full instructions  and materials supplied



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