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Custom Branding Children's Clothing
  • Custom Branding Children's Clothing


    Do you have your own business or know someone that does that may want to include their little one, toddler or child in their branding?
    What better way to get attention when your younger generation is wearing your brand all over the place.

    We have a range of colour jumpters, long sleeve tops and Tshirts, ask us for more information via our email 

    - FRONT -
    The front comes with the diamond logo as shown or something similar if you have something in mind and a capital letter of your choice in the font shown in the picture. 
    The logo is made from vinyl and transfered to the Tshirt
    (Logo and letter size may vary with the size of Tshirt chosen)

    The Front will have your logo on the left side of the chest.
    The Back comes with your logo on the top and the blurb of your choice underneath (or just the logo if you prefer)
    The letters/words are made from vinyl and transfered to the Tshirt
    (Letter sizes may vary with the size Tshirt chosen)

    - SIZE -
    Babies/Childrens - OO, O, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
    Other sizes are available upon request.

    We do many other designs, so if you have seen something elswhere or already have something that your little ones has grown out of and you want another size, let us know and we can do a custom order for you.

    Note - Please ensure you enter your phone and email correctly into the deatils boxes so that we can provide this to the couriers if postage is applicable.

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